Growing in Wesley with a Small Group



The early years...Yih Min, Hsiao Mein, Joanna, Matthew and Christopher (L-R)


Kadosh began in 2006 as a group of four who were searching to deepen our relationship with Christ. Matthew and Hsiao Mein had known Chris (my husband) and I since the late 1990s when we were part of the same group in the then Young Adults Group (YAG). It just happened that in 2006, we were separately searching to join a small group and we could not find one that we felt comfortable with. Hence, we explored the option of starting our own small group. While the idea of forming a group with each other was very appealing (since we already knew each other), the struggle was that none of us were prepared to take on the responsibility of leadership. Eventually, we decided to give this option a try through some form of distributed leadership and that led to the birth of our group.

We started meeting every Saturday with Chris preparing the curriculum and leading bible study. The rest of us took turns to lead bible study or worship. But for two years, our group size never grew beyond five to six members. In late 2007, we made a decision to register with the church for two reasons: accountability (in case we went astray and studied the wrong doctrines) and to help our group grow in numbers. At this stage, the struggle was again about leadership. The fear was that the registered leader would have to take on the additional responsibility of attending church meetings. This was a great disincentive as no one wanted an additional commitment, especially on a workday. In the end, Matthew and I were nominated to be ASGL and SGL because we were relatively more flexible with our time. 

Upon registration with the church, we needed a group name and due to our fondness for Jewish names, we decided on the name, Kadosh, which means 'holy'. The next challenge was a personal one for me as I struggled with having to attend the monthly zone meetings. While once a month did not seem like a frequent occurrence, I would feel a sense of dread in the week leading up to each meeting. It was partly due to selfishness and partly guilt – as these meetings meant giving up my personal time and being away from my children on a school night.   If God wanted me to serve him in the Small Group Ministry, why was I feeling this way? Out of duty, I attended these meetings though often with a heavy heart. It was also not easy for Jason our zone leader during that period as he had a trying time managing my negativism.

From the perspective of the members, our registration with the church did not bring the additional members we had hoped for, at least not in the initial years. We had a couple more members who were old friends from YAG whom we met along the way. Having known each other, fellowship came easily. However, we would often wonder whether the group was sustainable as some members may move off after marriage; some had plans to relocate overseas and others may eventually join the small groups of the churches they were attending. This made us realise that while the quality of fellowship in Kadosh is strong, we were too inward looking. About this point (end 2010), we received our first two successful seekers referred from church. We had a few other seekers previously but after a few exchanges of emails where I told them more about the profile of the group and invited them to join us, they decided that the group was not suitable for them. Did my emails turn them off? What was God trying to tell us? While we didn’t have any answers to these questions, we told ourselves to persist and not be discouraged. God’s timing is not ours and as long as we continue to meet and encourage each other to grow together, we cannot be too far off from His will. We continue to be part of the SGM’s seeker system and warmly welcome any person keen to check us out.

In 2010, to complement our bible study series on evangelism, we went for a one day mission trip to Batam. Communicating and praying for the ill and those in pain was a real challenge as we could not speak Bahasa Indonesian. But when we saw the look of peace in some of these villagers after we had prayed, we felt strangely blessed and uplifted. God works in unexpected ways.



Mission trip to Batam, August 2010


Subsequently, we also organised a couple of outreach events. These events while seemingly low key and did not always bring tangible results, were milestones to us as it meant stepping out of our comfort zones.

Today, we are blessed with a stable group of members who share and support each other in prayer and fellowship. And from a pragmatic angle, we now have more people to take turns to lead bible study and play the guitar for worship. If anyone is looking to join a small group, do check us out on our facebook page “Kadosh Small Group.”

I am filled with gratitude when I reflect about how God has blessed Kadosh all these years. I am also appreciative of those who had kept us in prayer as we would not have come thus far without them.  Recently, I was so overwhelmed with work that Matthew asked me whether I should consider postponing Small Group for that Saturday. I was glad I did not as I ended up being blessed with the support and love shown by my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I may have lost time to clear more work but I had gained inner peace and strength which time cannot buy.  

As Hebrew 10:25 says, “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another--and all the more as you see the day approaching.” My prayer for Kadosh is that we may all grow old together and truly be each other’s spiritual support and accountability even when we move into the different stages of life.



                              A decade of fellowship, December 2011 (past and present Small Group members)


Open House, April 2011

Contributed by –

Chin Yih Min
Small Group Leader
Kadosh Small Group