Spiritual Life Enriched!

            I used to feel that a big church like Wesley lacked a personal touch, until I became actively involved in Pemimpin SG. Over the years, the SG has become a very real extension of the church to me. Our SG has developed a close bond and all have been truly blessed.

Bible Study

           Learning God’s word together in a SG setting is an enriching and fulfilling experience. Since 2 years ago, we have adopted the style of taking turns as facilitators for our bible study sessions. We started with John Ortberg’s “If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat.” And that’s exactly what we have done – we have gotten out of the boat!

            Once we started, we realize that facilitating is not that difficult, and it actually makes the bible study discussions more dynamic and interesting. New insights are gleaned from different angles, and “homework” is no longer a chore. We genuinely learn from one another. The SG has since done many other study series, like The Parables of Jesus, The Miracles of Jesus, Alpha Course and Ephesians – Building a Community in Christ (John Stott).


          Just as we take turns to be facilitators, we also take turns to lead worship during our SG meetings.

          Doing it for the first couple of times can be awkward or uncomfortable. But we soon realize we are in God’s presence, and surrounded by Christian brothers and sisters. Then praise and worship becomes more natural. It is indeed heartwarming to see our members gaining confidence in their worship-leading.

         This growing maturity is also manifested in our SG members stepping up and serving in the other ministries at Wesley.

Prayer Support

           We all go through trials and tribulations from time to time, whether at work, in business, or health-wise. Sometimes it is easy to feel like we are struggling on our own.

          Having a support network in the form of our SG is truly wonderful at times like these. Through mutual encouragement, prayer and support, we lift up and sustain one another.

         When we share our problems, worries and concerns, we realize that we are not alone. Our brothers and sisters lovingly intercede for us in their prayers, give friendly advice from their past experiences, and support each other in difficult times. Equally important is the thanksgiving after prayers are answered in God’s time, and He brings us through our trials. It just renews and strengthens our faith.


         I would strongly encourage everyone who is not in a SG yet, to join one today. You will find your spiritual life enriched beyond your expectations! Praise the Lord!


Dr Tan Hai Chuang

Small Group Leader

Pemimpin SG