Initially Anxious at 1st Small Group Meeting

Nicolas and I agreed that we should join a small group as part of our spiritual growth. As we prayed, God answered and led Nicolas to meet Hwee Seh at a course which they both attended at Wesley. Hwee Seh invited him to join her small group. Without doing any background check on the location of the small group meetings or the dynamics and profile of the small group members, he said YES!

Our first meeting with the small group was with much trepidation- would we fit in, what was required of us, etc. All our anxieties were removed by the warm welcome of the then-SG leader Victoria Lim. She made us feel very comfortable and welcome. She introduced us to the members and shared with us a short background of her life. We were instantly put at ease and were reassured by the warmth of each member. We could feel God's love flowing from every member in this group.

We have been attending small group for a year now and did bible studies on the Beatitudes, Alpha, miracles of Jesus, prayers of Jesus and now, Ephesians. The small group not only learns about the theoretical side of God's teachings, but also laughs and cries together as one big family. We hope that we are also giving to the group as much as they are giving to us. We thank God for blessing us with this group and we actually miss them when we travel or when we were unable to meet.

One of the greatest gifts from this group to us is the vision of what we can become as we mature in Christ.  Gentle, strong in faith, caring and thoughtful.

Contributed by –

Nicolas & Sharon Chong
Members of
Pemimpin SG


Pemimpin Small Group attending a wedding together
Nicolas is 6th from the right & Sharon is 8th from the right (partially blocked)