SGM Study Pack

 Small Group Study Pack: "Called to Serve" - Leaders' Guide

 by Wesley Small Group Ministry

 This is the official Wesley Small Group Ministry's study pack - Leaders' Guide (Click here to download).

How to use this guide

    1. You can print as many copies as you like for both the "Leaders' Guide" as well as "Participants' Worksheet".

    2. This study pack has both the leaders' guide, as well as participants' guide. It is a helpful guide designed for small group bible study and is also useful for individual study.

    3. Study leaders are encouraged to facilitate in a manner that spur each member of the group to apply what is learnt to their present situation/walk with God.

    4. Try not to give the "leaders' notes" too quickly . Be patient and wait for the group members to express their ideas. For tips on facilitating good discussions, see Annex A.

    5. You might want to use four to six sessions of small group meetings for this study. Remember, there is no need to rush. The value of bible study in a small group is highly dependent on the process of the study and not necessarily on the completion of all questions.